My ultimate skincare goal – have control!

So what do I hope to achieve by investing in skincare? Like many others, I hope to

  • Minimise (and hopefully eliminate) the redness of the scars left behind by acne
  • Minimise the occurrence of acne
  • Have healthier looking skin to a point where I do not need to sharpen my concealing efforts and maybe, *gasps*, I do not need to wear any makeup!

But ultimately, I want to have control over how my skin looks and feel.

I do not want to be at the mercy of the ‘skincare god’.

My Skin Type and the Problem Spot

I have combination (sometimes dehydrated) skin. That is, I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks.

When I was a teenager, I had major issues battling acne on my forehead. Now, as a 30+ adult, the battle has migrated to my chin area (aka the problem spot).

The pictures are of the problem spot at its current state. I just survived an acne breakout 2-3 weeks ago so the redness in the pictures are a toned down version of what it could be. I hope in the upcoming months to lighten and eliminate the spots.


Chin Highlighted.png
Red spots left behind by recent acne




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